Credit Score Boosters

5 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT SCORE   In this video, Graham Stephan dives into the world of credit scores, explaining why they’re important and how they can impact your financial life. If you’re looking to improve your credit score, you’re in luck! Graham outlines five key strategies you can implement to boost your score, […]

Best Credit Cards

BEST CREDIT CARDS According to the video, climbing the credit card ladder is a stepwise function where you gradually move from a secured card to a premium tier card. There are five tiers: base, beginner, mid, premium, and ultra premium. Each tier has a credit score requirement, types of cards, time you should expect to […]

Starter Credit Cards

BEST CREDIT CARDS FOR BEGINNERS   This video is about credit cards for beginners. John Liang, the creator of the Youtube channel John Liang recommends five credit cards that are good for beginners: Discover it, City Custom Cash, Capital One Quicksilver, Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards Card, and Chase Freedom Flex. The most important […]

Credit Cards 101

CREDIT CARDS 101 This video is aimed at college students who are just starting to learn about credit cards. It’s great for anyone else curious about how credit cards work, too! The video explains the basics, covering the two main types of cards: debit and credit. It then focuses on credit cards, diving into the […]

Perfect Credit Guide

HOW TO GET A PERFECT CREDIT SCORE   This video is about how to improve your credit score. The video explains that a credit score is similar to a GPA, but instead of measuring intelligence, it measures your trustworthiness in repaying debts. A higher score means you are more likely to be approved for loans […]

Credit Score Kickstart

THE BEST WAY TO START BUILDING YOUR CREDIT SCORE This video is perfect for college students who are just starting their journey with credit. It’s also a great resource for anyone seeking a clearer understanding of how credit scores and reports work. The video dives into the fundamentals of credit, explaining the ins and outs […]