Tax Filing Guide

HOW DO I DO MY TAXES? In this informative tutorial, you will learn how to prepare and file your taxes, especially if you are new to the process. You will learn how to gather and organize your tax documents efficiently, understand the different tax forms relevant to your financial situation, and receive tips on how […]

Tax Obligation Inquiry

DO I NEED TO PAY TAXES? This video is about the basics of filing tax returns. It targets people like Ray, an incoming senior at state university who just finished up a summer internship and made a significant amount of money. The video explains whether Ray needs to file a tax return and how to […]

Understanding Taxes

UNDERSTANDING TAXES This video breaks down the fundamentals of the US tax system, making it understandable for beginners and students. It explains the concept of tax brackets, walks you through the steps of calculating taxable income, and clarifies the difference between deductions and exemptions. Here are the top 3 things you will learn: How tax […]